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Helping You to Thrive In Who You Are

We offer effective, personalised support through talking therapy, arts therapy, and psychotherapy, run by experienced, registered practitioners that have personal and professional experience with neurodiversity and cultural diversity. Providing short-term (12 weeks to 6 months) and long-term (6 months +) therapy for children, parent & child, young people, adults and parents/carers, we work with you to help you to navigate the world within a safe and inclusive space.

We are trained in the use of many art forms, enabling you to give voice to your emotions and discover ways to express yourself, including clay, visual art, creative writing, music, guided visualisations, breathwork, psychodrama and sand play. But equally, if the arts are not for you, we are experienced practitioners of talk-based therapy. If you are interested in therapy with us for yourself or your child, the first step is to book a free 20-minute advice call where you can meet our friendly therapists online and discuss your goals, needs, and any questions you may have.

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  • Available Across the UK

    We provide online therapy for clients anywhere in the UK, in addition to in-person therapy in Croydon, Bramley, Beckenham, South London & Caterham, Surrey.

  • Fees on a Sliding Scale

    After your initial consultation, we offer our services on a sliding scale, with discounts for students, key workers and those on low incomes or benefits.

Respecting, Valuing & Celebrating Difference & Diversity

Therapy With Us

At NeuroTribe UK, we know that people with differences are made to feel abnormal, pressured to act and feel a certain way – even if this means hiding their own identity. On a mission to empower people from neurodiverse and culturally diverse communities to thrive, our therapists respect and value your differences, helping you to feel seen and heard exactly as you are.

We work with you at your own pace to meet your goals and adapt our methods to your needs, supporting you on your journey to experiencing a life of acceptance and empowerment. We draw on the latest research to help you understand yourself, your strengths and challenges, and the stresses in your life. We help you find ways to discover your self-worth and believe in what you can do, even when it’s tough or scary.

We are passionate about anti-oppressive practice, adhere to the Memorandum of Understanding on Conversion Therapy and Applied Behavioural Analysis Therapy, and are LGBTQ+ allied.

For Young People, Individuals & Parents/Carers

Challenges We Can Help With

Supporting your unique needs, our multicultural therapists are experienced in providing therapy across the full spectrum of neurodiversity and mental health, with many of our practitioners also having lived experience as a SEND parent/carer. We can help if you are a parent/carer for a child or young person with any of these conditions or if you have them yourself, whether you have a professional diagnosis or not.

Our Therapists & Their Special Interests

Jan Hall, psychotherapist

Jan Hall


Special Interests: Anxiety Disorders,
Parent & Child Therapy & Clinical Supervision
Kyra Hall-Gelly, psychotherapist

Kyra Hall-Gelly


Special Interests: Multicultural Counselling, Young People, Adults, Autism & Addictions
Marissa Green, dramatherapist and mental health practitioner

Marissa Green


Special Interests: Diversity and Marginalisation, Mental Health, Behavioural Challenges

Qetnefert Khema Netri Jeffers


Special Interests: Problem Substance Use in Children, Young People & Adults, Autism, Hearing Impairments, Learning Disabilities, Developmental Delays, Language Disorders & Trauma

Ali Rajohns

MBACP (Accred)

Special Interests: Children and young people from 7 years + with learning disabilities, neurodivergent children and young people. Adults interested in exploring creativity, shamanic practice and ancestral knowledge

Zena Nicholas


Special Interests: Diversity & Marginalisation, Neurodivergence, Third Culture Individuals, and Immigrants’ Experience

Pip Patrick


Special Interests: Autism, ADHD, Identity, Trauma, Attachment and Relationships

Anjum Siddique


Special Interests: Loneliness, Loss, (Hidden) Identity and Disability

Fariah Garner


Special Interests: Identity, Trauma, Empowerment, Creative Therapy, and Multicultural Counselling

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