Diversity & Inclusion Training

Helping you to offer inclusive provision

Helping You To Offer Inclusive Provision

Whilst diversity in your workforce is a crucial key performance indicator, it’s inclusion that allows your employees to participate and thrive within a culture where differences are recognised and valued. At NeuroTribe UK, we deliver engaging and experiential training for businesses, charities and NGOs, combining creative activities, team games, self-reflection and presentations to equip your staff with the awareness, skills and knowledge to cultivate a truly inclusive environment.

Our professional training practitioners harness their expertise in cultural diversity, neurodiversity and mental health inclusion, helping staff at all levels to navigate equality, foster positive discussions, combat stereotypes, understand bias, and identify, report & manage wellbeing issues as a result of marginalisation. Understanding that the needs of every organisation are unique, our individualised in-person and online training paths are tailored to you, including empathic listening skills, confidentiality & safeguarding, person-centred working, diversity, cultural competence, and inclusion

    "The course was well adapted for online interaction and our team were well engaged throughout. We came away with a good set of actions to implement and improve on, individually and as an organisation. We are looking forward to the next session coming up soon, which will include young adults and the wider team."

    Cat Vizor, Chief Officer

    Esteem, West Sussex

      "No one dropped out of the project – a real achievement given some of the intense needs of the group.We don't believe we would have achieved this success without this expertise."

      Executive Director

      Lewisham Youth Theatre, London

        "Knowledge, expertise and passion for the subject meant our audience were educated and engaged throughout. We received excellent feedback and would highly recommend as experts in the field."

        Saffron Saunders

        Sussex Innovation Centre, Croydon

          "The session was highly inclusive, interactive and thought provoking."

          Fabia Bates, Sector Support Manager

          Community Works, Sussex

            "Educational, fulfilling, and incredibly engaging..."

            Vice Principal

            Performance Preparation Academy, Guildford

              "Huge thankyou for helping the college to evolve and understand what a hidden disability is in multiple formats..."


              Performance Preparation Academy, Guildford

              People with different skin tones putting their hands on top of each other in a circle

              The Importance of Diversity & Inclusion

              A diverse and inclusive workplace is one in which employees from different backgrounds, genders, races, cultures, ages and abilities are encouraged to share their ideas, knowledge and skills. It’s a culture where people can bring their whole selves to work, knowing that they will be accepted and valued for who they are.

              Critical for organisational success, diversity and inclusion training helps people to work together in a more productive and open way. With these principles embedded into culture, values, and day-to-day practices, this encourages employee engagement, creativity, innovation, problem-solving, and better decision-making, whilst nurturing and retaining diverse talent who know their voice will truly be heard.

              An Individualised Approach to Training

              Sample Training Menu

              Our journey together begins with an initial consultation meeting, enabling us to quote for a personalised service based on your goals and requirements. Please view our sample training menu, featuring training we regularly provide.

              A creative, engaging and experiential exploration of what diversity & inclusion means, why it is important, and how to measure it. Participants will look at the differences between D&I and how they interrelate, including equality's 9 special characteristics, unconscious bias and more. Lively debate, discussion & creative activities including exploring how inclusive they feel their organisation to be currently, and what they are striving for.

              Please note, these prices are for illustrative purposes and may differ depending on size, type, needs and location of your organisation.

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